Psalm 81

Sing a song to the Love of our Lives;       a love song to the One we’ve seen and known. Pick up something and make a beat on it,       blow it or strum it so it sings! Start up the song at a good time, or awkward—       either way it’s a party.

For this is God’s Way. You’ve known it       in the time of your worst suffering: the voice that says, “I’ve relieved you of your burden.       Beloved, I’ve set you free. When you wept in secret, I heard you.       In your weakness I was power in you. When you were tested,       I was grace. Remember?

So listen to me now.       This is for you. Why bow down to what doesn’t set you free?       Why give in to what you know isn’t true? I am Being itself.       I stand between you and your prison cell. Open your mouth wide.       I will fill it.

But do you listen to the silence that speaks?—   or do you want to stay in control? I’ve let you dash around after your feelings,   leash yourself to your thoughts. Now try listening to something deeper.   Let yourself embody Love’s wisdom.

That takes all the power away       from what would diminish your life. Whatever is rooted in fear withers,       and your freedom from it is guaranteed.

What I really want is to feed you exquisitely,       to nourish you with the most amazing food.”

_______________________________ Copyright © Steve Garnaas-Holmes Unfolding Light

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