Only speak the word

         Only speak the word, and let my servant be healed.
                  â€”Luke 7.7

Holy One, only speak the word, and make me whole.
Though occasions may wound me, or people condemn,
let me hear your word of love and affirmation.
Your power is the power to heal.
For my sake, may I live in faithfulness to that grace.

Let your word alone rule and move my life.
Speak, and give me faith to listen.
Open the ears of my heart that I may hear.
Give me faith to trust. Give me courage to act.
For the sake of others, I offer myself, your faithful servant.

I pray for the faith to receive your blessings,
to be mindful of your presence
and to listen for your word,
and for the courage to trust your deep desire for me,
surrendering everything to your love,
to live in harmony with your grace,
for your sake.

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