Holy One,          Life-Giver, Womb of all Being and Unfolding of All in joy,          we thank you, for everything is a gift. Every moment is pregnant with your grace          and every difficulty bears your presence. Every person reveals your beauty;          every being is a Word of your mercy. Each created thing hides blessings we cannot comprehend;          your wonders exceed our imagining. Ours is not the power,          nor the wisdom nor the glory. All our labors are only to birth your grace.          All our knowledge is only to behold your mystery. Every moment is a newborn child;          we hold your miracles in our hands. Bless us that we my live in wonder and gratitude,          that we may honor your gifts, that we may care tenderly for all you have given us          and cherish your delight. May your love sing in our hearts                  and your mercy in all that we do. Miraculous God, we thank you,          we ask your blessing,          and we trust your grace. Amen.

__________________ Steve Garnaas-Holmes Unfolding Light

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