Psalm of the threshold

          Eternal One, I praise you on this threshold;          the door I open is to you. Under your eye I pack my belongings;          in your arms I move to a new place.

By your Spirit guide my hand          to take only what you give me          and leave the rest; to bring with me what is truly need          and leave behind what is unneeded. Give me faith to trust          what cannot be left behind, and to release what I thought was part of me          but was only the leaves of a season. Give me grace to say goodbye          even to myself and turn and welcome the new day,          even in my own soul.

God of time and story,          may I ever dwell on thresholds, between then and not yet,          in the present, moving. By your grace open doors;          by your grace lead me through them. For every door is your eye          and every path is the palm of your hand.

__________________ Steve Garnaas-Holmes Unfolding Light

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