Dearly Beloved, Grace and Peace to you.                    Do you think that I have come to bring peace to the earth?                   No, I tell you, but rather division!          From now on five in one household will be divided,                   three against two and two against three.                            —Luke 12.51-52

Whether you are among the two or the three the gospel will be controversial and someone will oppose you. What you believe, even who you are will trouble some. Stand. There is no pleasing others.

Beware of posing as someone acceptable. You may pretend— the costumes are easily available— but when you forget it’s a mask it will suffocate you.

The pine is not convinced to be an ash; the sparrow is not ashamed among finches. All of them sing of one glory, the many-voiced song of God. Let the crowd make their divisions, and divisions of divisions— you know better.          

                    Deep Blessings, Pastor Steve

__________________ Steve Garnaas-Holmes Unfolding Light www.unfoldinglight.net

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