Green song

         Then beginning with Moses and all the prophets,
         he interpreted to them the things about himself
         in all the scriptures.

                  â€”Luke 24.27

The Beloved walks beside you,
murmuring in your ear.
His Teachings unfold
like spring beneath your feet,
his word a green singing
in every stone and leaf,
beyond your ears, beyond them.
You can’t originate it.
You have to listen.
In the stranger’s words,
the loved one’s tone of voice,
in the brief pause,
the little snake of doubt,
the silence of the dishes in the sink,
you have to listen.
Only later will you recognize it,
the truth you’ve known all along,
the voice you remember,
the word that awakens you,
your holy name,
the song of life.

                                     — April 27, 2017

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