Preparing a place

            In my Abba God’s house there are many rooms….
            I go and prepare a place for you;
            I will come again and will take you to myself,
            so that where I am, there you may be also.

                           —John 14.2-3

Jesus is not talking about being dead and entering into the afterlife.
            He’s talking about entering into this life, being really alive.
God’s house is not death. It’s God’s presence.
            It’s this life. This moment.
The Beloved goes before you into this moment,
            is here in this moment before you are,
and makes room for you,
            opens a space, blesses your belonging.
The Gracious One comes to you:
            leaves the place of divine certainty and perfection
and meets you where you are, in your uncertainty,
            your limitation, your partiality,
and takes you to himself,
            gathers you into his heart,
so that where he is,
            not where he’s going to be after he dies, or you do,
but where he is—right here, right now,
            in the intimate presence of God—
you may be.

What if you were to enter your life?
            It’s ready for you.
What if, in gratitude and humility,
            you were to live it welcoming others
into the many rooms
            of God?

Breath prayer: + welcome … home +

                           —May 9, 2017


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