I will ask God, who will give you another Advocate,
             to be with you forever.

                           —John 14.16

Not a judge or prosecutor,
but a defense attorney.
I believe in you.
I see your beauty, your glory even,
better than you.
I will advocate for you
against those who accuse,
against every obstacle,
against the voice in your head
that says you’re not good enough.
I will counsel you
in every challenge and disappointment.
You don’t have to call for me;
I am here. Forever.
I will advocate for you
against your uncertainty,
your fear and shame,
for the sake of that person
that even to this day
is still hidden.
I am the Yes of God
within you.

Breath prayer:    +    Yes    …    within    +

                           —May 16, 2017

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