While we were sinners

         Look at God’s love for us:
         while we still were sinners Christ died for us.
                  —Romans 5.8

Jesus didn’t go get himself killed
so he’d be punished for our sin instead of us.
Our sin is our inability to trust God.
In our distrust we try to make and keep life for ourselves,
and hurt others in the process.
In love God is willing to stand in the path of our violence
with forgiveness.
God’s love changes us, setting us free
from our distrust and violence.
Jesus embodies that love, even though we kill him,
offering it before we’re willing to accept it.

Let God love you.
Forget all notions of your deserving.
Just allow yourself to be God’s Beloved:
a sinner, yes, but beloved. Deeply loved.
That’s all you need.
Let yourself be loved,
and let the love take over.


―June 16, 2017

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