Beloved child

you are the newborn
who amazes me,
that you issue from me.

You are the baby I hold in my arms,

You are the little one
whose wonder delights me.

You are the child who walks
out of the house pulling my heart,
trailing a stream of my desire.

You board the school bus and all day
I am wondering about you.

I sit on the bed with you
and listen to your joys and woes
without answers.

You are the one I stand beside
as you pledge your faithful love to the world,
and even on sorrowful days
I am full of gratitude and hope.

I marvel as you accomplish
your great things.
On and on your story goes,
through me, and without me.

You have already outpaced me.
Outlive me, Beloved,
go on, go on.

                  —July 18, 2017

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