Whatever you bind

         Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven,
         and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.

                  —Matthew 18.18

Maybe not “whatever you do, God will agree with.”

Maybe: “whatever” means whatever sins.
The hurts you hang onto you’re stuck with.
The hurts you forgive open you to divine healing.

Maybe: “whatever” means whatever relationship.
The relationship in which you stay connected,
despite conflict, is rooted in God.
The relationship you break loses its divine energy.

Maybe: “whatever” means whoever.
Whoever you oppress truly experiences oppression;
whoever you set free is truly free.

Maybe “whatever” means yourself.
You can set yourself free, or bind yourself up.
God doesn’t do it; you do it to yourself.

live in harmony with the divine energy of liberation
and the divine energy of faithful connection.

let go of what God doesn’t care about
and hang onto what leads you to God.

   —September 7, 2017

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