Manna – II

         Those who gathered much had nothing over,
         and those who gathered little had no shortage;
         they gathered as much as each of them needed.
         Some left part of it until morning,
         and it bred worms and became foul.
         Morning by morning they gathered it,
         as much as each needed;
         but when the sun grew hot, it melted.
from Exodus 16.18-21

God’s vision of justice
is that everyone has what they need.

Manna in the wilderness,
the widow’s jar of meal,
laborers in the vineyard,
feeding the five thousand,
God’s forgiveness upon each heart:
each is given what they need.

It is gift,
that you can’t earn or possess.

Your excess rots in your hands.
What you have beyond your need
you have taken from your neighbor.
It poisons you.

Starve your greed
and feed on justice.
Until all have what they need
even God is hungry.

   —September 22, 2017

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