Is God among us or not?

         The Israelites quarreled and tested God, saying,
         “Is God among us or not?”
—Exodus 17.7

The One you question
does not cast a shadow.
Does not look upon you.
Does not walk beside you.
The Present One
breathes in you,
looks out at this world through you,
becomes in full becoming within you.
The One is not a character,
on or off the stage,
not the hero or the playwright,
but the story, in whom you play a part,
the Oneness, to whom you belong.

Are you among your hands and organs or not?
Are you among your cares and loves or not?
Ah, so it is.

Don’t ask if but how.
Don’t look here or there;
look in your looking.
You journey is the palm of God.
Your struggle the story of God,
your darkest valley the crack in God’s heart.

You aren’t small;
you just belong to more than you thought.

When you care, God is.
When you yearn, God is.
Even now, this moment, in your pondering
God is moving toward you, from within.
In your hoping God is loving.
In this world, its spinning glory,
it is we who are among God.

   —September 26, 2017

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