You’ve declared

         “By what authority are you doing these things,
         and who gave you this authority?”

                  —Matthew 21.23

You’re not afraid to wear your team’s jersey,
or a wedding ring, or to announce to the masses
your alma mater or your favorite designer.

The scribes didn’t have the guts
to know where their guts came from,
to let the light from within shine, let it shine.

But you, you dare. You let your loyalty be known.
You stand for healing, for justice and reconciliation.
You stand for resurrection. You’ve declared.

You wear it boldly. Others will hide it, blend in,
undecided. They’re afraid, running under stolen identity.
But there’s no doubt with you. Strangers can tell.

Not by a cross or a logo; it’s not a brand.
You bear the authority of the Loving One
in your presence, your vulnerability, your love.

Having the mind of the One who became a servant,
your uniform of mercy is unmistakable.
We know what side you’re on.

   —September 28, 2017

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