Show me

Moses complained, “Look, God. You said, ‘Bring up this people’; but you haven’t told me who’s going to help pull this off. You said you’re on my side. Well, if you’re on my side, show me how this is going to work so I know you’re on my side.” God said, “Don’t worry. I’ll be with you, and give you rest.” But Moses acted like he didn’t even hear. “If you won’t go with us, then don’t make us go. How will we know you’re on our side if you don’t go with us?” And God said, “Moses. Chill. I will do what you want. I’m there for you.” Moses still said, “Show me.” God was quiet for a second.
                  —Exodus 33.12-18, sort of

God, show me the way.
         Don’t worry. I’m here.

Show me the proof.
         Don’t panic. I’ll be with you.

Show me the outcome.
         Don’t go there. I’m already with you.

How will I know?
         You won’t. I will.

I can’t see! I don’t know!
         Yes, that’s it.

         I am the dark side of the moon.
         There’s nothing to see.

         You don’t need to see tomorrow.
         You need to see today.

         I am the mother and you are the child
         in my womb. You don’t need to see.

         You don’t need to see.
         You just need me.

         You don’t need to see. Close your eyes.
         I am here.

―October 19, 2017

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