Blessed are the homeless
         for they shall find belonging in God.

Blessed are they who have lost much
         for they shall be given joy.

Blessed are those who have been silenced
         for God sings in harmony with them.  

Blessed are they who have been shamed
         for their glory shines like the noonday sun.

Blessed are they who stand firm
         for God will be their firmness.

Blessed are the truthful,
         for they are light in the darkness.

Blessed are they who wonder
         for they shall be called wonderful.

Blessed are they who are afraid
         and yet choose love
         for theirs is the dominion of God.
Blessed are you when the path is frightful
         and you know all manner of fear
         and you choose love anyway.
Blessed are you, and blessed is your place
         in the heart of all things.

   —October 30, 2017

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