See what love


         See what love God has given us,
         that God claims us as children.

                  —1 John 3.1

Let this be.
Relax the weird resistance we all suffer.
She holds you, infant, in her arms,
gazes with eyes of galaxies at you,
smiles the sunrise at you.
There’s nothing you can do, infant,
to stir or still her love,
no way you can be the adult here.

Remember this
in all your heroic battles,
your miraculous becomings.
You are the living image
of the Lovely One.

God is the sun of love within you.
Vessel of divine delight,
you bear this magnificence into the world.
This can’t be changed or diminished.
Let this be your confidence, your hope,
your courage.

   —November 3, 2017

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