I will shepherd


         [Ezekiel 34.15-16]

The diagnosis, the procedure,
the boss’ memo, the suicide,
the lonely corridor.
         I will shepherd you.

The God who vanished into a question,
the way you can’t find,
the path through the tangled thorns.
         I will seek the lost.

Addicted, shamed, incarcerated,
unforgiven, violent,
over-busy, despairing.
         I will bring back the strayed.

Memory of abuse, ache of loss,
heart a cracked empty jar,
forty pound bag of fear.
         I will bind up the injured.

The difficult meeting,
the ones who wound,
your daughter’s treatment.
         I will strengthen the weak.

How much longer can you do this?
How will it end?
How do you know?
         I myself will be the shepherd of my sheep.

         I myself will be the shepherd of my sheep.

   â€”November 21, 2017

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