Like a shepherd

         She will feed her flock like a shepherd;
                  she will gather the lambs in her arms,
         and carry them in her bosom,
                  and gently lead the mother sheep

                                 —Isaiah 40.11

In your pain and uncertainty
         she will come to you.
In your struggle, your healing,
         she will carry you.
In your recovery, your unfolding,
         she will feed you.
In your brokenness and guilt,
         she will hold you.
In your leading, your creating,
         she will gently lead you.
In your loneliness, your disconnection,
         she will gather you.
In your choosing, your standing firm,
         she will guide you.
In your beauty, your resilience,
         she will delight in you.

Lift up your hearts.
         See, your God is coming.

   —December 8, 2017

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