True light

         In the beginning was the Word,
                  and the Word was In God’s presence,
                  and the Word was God.
         All things came into being through the Living Word;
                  nothing has come into being except through the Word.
         What has come into being in the Living Word was life,
                  and the life was the light of all people.

         The light shines in the darkness,
                  and the darkness can not overcome it.
         The true light, which enlightens everyone,
                  was coming into the world.

                                 —John 1.1-5, 9

God begins with a musical idea,
and then sings it.
The song shines in the darkness.
Everything in this universe is God’s song.
It’s a love song.

In Jesus we can hear the melody,
clear, sweet and strong,
like a mother’s lullaby, holding her troubled child,
a strange melody, in a new key,
but one that resonates deep in our souls,
because we too are God’s singing.

Listen for God singing the world into being.
Look for the light shining in the music.
Notice this cosmic song, this act of Creation,
rising in you, unfolding, radiating,
shining in the darkness.

The true light that enlightens everyone
is coming into the world.

   —December 22, 2017

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