King Day prayer

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God of Martin and Rosa,
of Fannie Lou and Harriet,
Malcom, Mohandas and Cesar,
God of Tenzin, Desmond and Malala:
I do not ask to see the road ahead.
I do not ask for power or brilliance.
Give me passion.
Give me gratitude for my companions
and love for my siblings in this world.
Open my heart to my oneness with all people,
that I may work for justice and healing
not because I ought to,
but because I can’t keep myself
from my love.
God of all who have suffered,
all who have struggled, who have yearned:
we are millions; we are one.
I thank you.
Give me this day,
that I may give it back to you,
radiant with hope.

   —January 15, 2018

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