Sit here

         “Sit here while I pray.”
               — Mark 14.32

My beloved,
You don’t need to pray great prayers.
I don’t ask for powerful intercessions
or profound meditations.
You don’t have to pray for me.
You don’t have to do anything at all.
I just want you to sit here while I pray.
I’ll pray. You just sit with me.

Do you know how much I want you?
Bearing the sorrows and the healing of the world,
I need you to care enough to stay near.
I’ll save the world. You just sit with me.

All I ever wanted is your companionship,
to follow me— to keep me company.
I never demanded belief or insight,
never required miracles or worthiness.
All I ever wanted on this long road
was for you to stay near.
Not your sainthood,
just your friendship,
just you, my friend.

Please, will you?
Stay near.
Sit here while I pray.

   —March 29, 2018

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