“If I but touch his clothes, I will be made well.”
               —Mark 5.28

Holy One, O Sea, I sit before you,
and your vastness opens within me.
I open myself to you and become part of you.
Your waves fall and rise in me, fall and rise.
I sunbathe in you, surrender myself to your wind.

A great strength stirs, a blessing flows, unseen.

Even in the smallest place
I reach out for the hem of your garment.
I reach out. I open myself,
and your vastness opens within me.

O Beloved,
in sick rooms and busy streets, in conflicted places,
I open myself to you, longing.
I place myself in your field of healing,
your love’s willing sunlight.
I reach out,
and I feel you open within me.

   —June 28, 2018

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