Pluck it out

         If your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out.
                  —Mark 9.47

My eye of judging,
deciding this is bad or good,
unable to see without opinion,
pluck it out.

Hands of my heart that grab and cling,
hands of wanting and seizing,
feet of opposing, of running away,
and their eye, cut them off, cut them off.

The eye that is the mind that is the heart
that is not a heart of peace―
the eye of war,
it causes me to sin.

The eye of resentment,
the eye of greed,
the eye of deserving,
sew it shut forever.

The eye that sees only from my place,
only for my gain,
sees myself without the world,
pluck it out.

Rob me of my cynical eye,
blind me of my distrust,
let me rest my hand on yours
with its white cane and lead me.

Close the eye that already knows,
and let the eye that is mindfulness look,
let me not see,
but behold.

―September 26, 2018

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