Who can be saved?

         Jesus said, “It is easier for a camel
                  to go through the eye of a needle
         than for someone who is rich
                  to enter the realm of God.”
         “Then who can be saved?”
         “For mortals it is impossible, but not for God;
                  for God all things are possible.”

                                          —Mark 10.25-27

Funny how they’re sure
there must be some way to get ourselves saved,
that somehow it must depend on us.
But if you’re drowning and you can save yourself
that’s not being saved,
that’s swimming.
Being saved is receiving what you can’t do for yourself.
Even by being righteous, holy and deserving.
Even by being a slightly good person once in your life.
You can’t give yourself life.
You can only receive it, like birth, like breath.
Life itself is impossible without God.

Who can be saved?
All of us, since it doesn’t depend on us at all. At all.
Give up trying to deserve it.
Give up trying to get it, manage it, control it,
understand it, or accomplish it.
Just receive it.
Let go of everything you cling to, all those possessions,
even both your goodness and your undeserving,
so your hands are open.

   —October 12, 2018

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