Joseph’s other dream

Joseph huddles with Mary in the cold,
a little unsure, so far from home.
But God has been with them so far….
He gazes at the fragile child,
holy but spurned, adored but hunted.

Mary has told him of her angel,
and he has dreamed of his own.
He has dreamed as well of fleeing,
refugees, dreamed of Herod and his edicts.
He hasn’t spoken of his other dream,
that all would be well,
that peasants and rulers would come in honor.
Maybe he was mistaken.
He has heard the divine chorus, distant,
and seen the heavenly glow
out over the shepherds’ field.
But no one comes.
Why does no one come?

Mary ponders things in her heart,
but Joseph frets:
How will he care for the child?
Will they be separated at the border?
And why does no one come?
Why does no one come?

―December 17, 2018

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