Don’t fret because of the wicked

         Do not fret because of the wicked;
                  do not be envious of wrongdoers.
         Commit your way to the Holy One;
                  trust in God, and God will act.

                                    —Psalm 37.1, 5

Beware the temptation to outdo an evil one,
to beat the wicked at their own game.

The saint does not resist the devil
by becoming a more devout devil.

(You only think you envy the wrongdoer;
like them you think they’re getting away with it.

You can’t see the frightful abyss within,
the hell they are fighting to escape.)

Your compass is set to a different star.
Don’t let them turn you.

Set your heart on compassion,
even facing a wrongdoer:

it will make whatever game they are playing
a different game.

Let the Crucified one play your character;
it will change the meaning of the play.

You needn’t pimp up the power of God.
Trust love to do what you cannot.

   —February 20, 2019

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