You who are weary,
who have been doing this a long time,
you who struggle to keep going,
You are still going!
You are amazing!
You who don’t think you can go on:
I salute you!
You can go on, if you slow down
before you tire yourself too much.
You have the energy within you—
just find your right pace.
You who run through pain,
through self-doubt and crazy voices in your head,
you are amazing.
You who don’t feel beautiful,
who are falling behind what you hoped,
who aren’t doing your personal best,
I salute you.
You are going on! You are doing this!
Even you who step away,
whose path does not lead to other people’s finish line—
you are doing what is in you to do.
You are amazing! I salute you.
We are all doing our best.
And you who cheer your neighbors on,
who don’t give up encouraging, appreciating,
celebrating—you are amazing!

Look at us do this remarkable thing!
How can we not cheer each other on?

   —April 16, 2019

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