Already risen

         You have been raised with Christ.
         You have died,
         and your life is hidden with Christ in God.
Colossians 3.1, 3

Live as if you are risen.

The fear-tombed, nay-saying, people-pleasing
prisoner of scarcity, shame and threat—
that one has died.

The stone of Outcomes has been rolled away.
The linen grave-clothes of Consequences
are lying abandoned.

You are free.
Forgiven, accompanied, love-enabled,
miracle-powered, you are a member
of the risen body of Christ.

You are those hands with holes in them
Jesus shows, and says, “Peace.”
You are the flesh the Spirit moves
to do her next wonders.

You’v already died and gone to heaven,
no mere flesh now, but pure love,
unafraid of death and its useless threats,
with unshakable courage,
nothing to lose, everything in your hands.

Don’t live as if you’re afraid to be crucified.
Live as if you’re already risen.

   —April 23, 2019

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