Holy Trinity


I AM we, the Infinite,
the Immanent, the Intimate;
the Always and the Present
and the Becoming;
the Lover and the Beloved
and the Love flowing between.

We are the love speaking all out into its being,
mystery for which only gravity has words.
We are the love that knows bitter winters,
morsels shared in hungry places,
separations and disappearances,
the feel in the throat of anguish beyond crying,
the weight of flesh, the delight of flesh,
loveliness drinking your sorrow
and wearing your pain,
joy twining like morning glories
around suffering and loss.
We are the flowing breathing in you,
the becoming ourselves because of you,
creating you to fall in love with you.

We are the One Plus One equals Three,
because we count the plus.
A galaxy of sisterhood,
love-tangled bodies,
tenderness curling around each other,
mother and child issuing from myself,
me and not me and because of our love
something else, beautiful and free.

We include you.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

    â€”June 12, 2019

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