Psalm 139 re-imagined

O Love, as your own you know me,
                from within you see me.
You know my doings and not doings,
                you have taken all my steps.
My breathing is you breathing in me,
                you are the nerve, and I your muscle.                 
My thoughts are yours before they are mine,
                even my cries are you crying out.

Where can I find your absence?
                How could I be apart from you?
If I crawl down to the depths of my despair,
                you are there.
If I escape to the farthest island of my loneliness,
                you await me.
If I make my bed in my failure
                you lie with me in the dark.

You have formed me with love,
                love beyond my figuring.
You created me to be me, a wonder
                I will always only be discovering.
You are creating yourself moment by moment,
                unfolding in me.
I do not comprehend this mystery:
                I move in it,
and I rest in it,
                here, with you.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

September 6, 2019

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