Fortune cookie

You are going to die.
                  Probably not today… but keep it in mind.

You are going to shine.
Definitely today, though it may not be visible
from the outside, outside being too distant
from the throne of your being,
the gem of your you.
Today beneath the rumple and muddle
                  you will shine.

You will trip and fall,
though in what way or how badly is yet unclear.
But you probably will not die.
                  Keep that in mind.

Today you will pass by the actual gates of heaven,
their confounding pearlescence hid from your naïve eyes,
but there it will be.
                  You can go in.

Today you will be loved from every direction,
though you may not see a hint of it
till the stars come out holding up their lights
like your fans at a rock concert.
                  That’s what that will mean.

Today you will be loved by the One whose love
is powerful enough to spin planets and fill oceans
and make something as glorious as you.
Keep that in mind.
Even as you pick yourself up off the floor today,
                  keep it in mind.

Weather Report

you will reflect on the weather,
which will reflect you.
Though you will see it all about you
none of it will be about you,
and as you find yourself in the thick of it,
in the thick of it you’ll have to find yourself.
Whether or not you do,
it will still be weather.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

October 3, 2019

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