Children of resurrection

         “They are like angels and are children of God,
         being children of the resurrection.”

                  —Luke 20.36

Resurrection is not just the afterlife.
It’s the new life God gives us
when we hand our old one over to God.
It can happen any time.

The old life we hand over is limited
to the space inside our body.
But the new one is not so limited:
we are no longer separate individuals,
but rejoined with our wholeness;
no longer belonging to one
but belonging to all;
no longer strangers but siblings.

Giving our life to God
(over and over again)
we are angels who have died
and gone to heaven,
who inhabit the universe,
who love all as if married to all.

The life you hand over is small;
the life you receive is infinite:
“eternal,”—not infinitely long
(you don’t even like long meetings,
let alone living millions of years)
but infinitely deep and wide.
The infinite dimension of eternal life
is not time, it’s love.

Children of resurrection,
we let ourselves love and be loved
It starts now.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

November 5, 2019

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