Unexpected moments

         Keep awake, for you do not know
         in what moment your Love is coming.

                  â€”Matthew 24.42

When you wake up
God is already in your body before you slip into it.

At breakfast it occurs to you
how far away this banana came from.

On the morning commute you glance over
at someone who seems unremarkable,
but an unexpected spark of compassion flies up in you
in case they are actually enduring a tragedy.

The stranger in the headline is actually related to you.

Standing alone looking at a row of houses
you might accept the mystery
of the seeds of grace you have planted in unseen places.

A vision of your bit of selfishness passes by you
like stranger on the street.

You think again about the miracle
of that spark you felt this morning.

In the shop window you see God arranging a display,
only what you see is your reflection,
only what you see is her standing there with you.

In the quiet of your room, what comes to you is
a certain, calm Yes, though it is not yet clear
who or what it is for.

You are awake, waiting.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

November 25, 2019

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