Flaming desires
                           consume us
tongues of hunger licking at 
in the heat of the moment
here on the edge of our self-made
furnace of passions incinerating
as we warm ourselves
toast our success at
         our homemade damnation
climate of doubt heating up
climate of greed burning in us
cooking our goose our koala

Australia Amazon living beings 
the fuse

this is not punishment this is

what will light the candle of our grief 
eternal flame of sorrow
         burnt offering of repentance

where are our cooler heads 
are they burned out

how can we pretend we don’t need
(harrowing of this world) 
to be saved

what will melt our glacier melting hearts

pray for those our kin who are our kindling
Come, O Sun of Righteousness
with your flaming two-edged sword
                  and put out the fires of our want

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

January 7, 2020

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