Justice cry

The cry for justice
is not desperate,
not fragile.
It comes
from the center
of the earth,
like gravity,
the hunger of all life
for each other,
for belonging,
for the alchemy
of becoming whole
by becoming one.
Our Great Men
are mostly deaf to it.
The smaller you are
the greater its power
in you.
It does not cease,
but makes you ache
(evil the desperate avoidance
of the haunting ache)
until you answer.
Answer, then
and fall into that gravity,
into that grave.
Empty yourself
of all power.
Yes, die.
Into that cavity rushes
the infinite power of God—
and you are raised,
one now with the pressed,
the shunned, the used.
This power
will sustain you
through this death
and the next and beyond.
Resist evil, injustice and oppression
and evil will fight back.
But never mind your deaths.
Stay risen.
Even crucified
do justice,
trust God,
and stay risen.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

January 20, 2020
Martin Luther King Jr. Day

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