Flow in me

Holy One, Holy Oneness,
you whose heart is closer to me
than my own heart,
whose breath is the breath of my prayer,
whose love is the root of my life,
flow in me this day.
Breathe me into this life,
a song of your mercy,
a breath of life breathed into a gasping world.
Let me be a fruit ripening on your vine,
quiet in courage, steadfast in love,
drawing from your Spirit coursing through me.
Shield me from what destroys;
open me to give of myself;
bless me in what is surrendered.
Sustain me, guide me and accompany me
that I may live in harmony with your grace and delight,
fully present in eternal life each moment.
I am yours, Love. Love in me.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

February 10, 2020

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