Other languages

           They were filled with the Holy Spirit
         and began to speak in other languages,
         as the Spirit gave them ability
 â€”Acts 2.4

Holy Spirit, loosen our tongues and teach us
new languages of love.
Help us convey your grace across the divides of language,
of culture and race and class and identity.
Put the breath of love in our lungs,
the words of mercy on our tongues,
the song of grace on our lips.
Help us give voice to blessing
that is clear in any language.
Give us grace to listen to every foreign tongue,
respect every foreign story, and honor every foreign soul,
for you have sent us to them
so they may know their belovedness,
and they may reveal to us our own.
Spirit of God, breathe in us.
Spirit of love, sing in us.
Spirit of justice, rise in us to do your will.

Weather Report

as the warm, moist air of grace
replaces the cold, dry air of sin,
driven by the jet stream of God
flowing and flowing
throughout the day,
rising in our hearts.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

May 28, 2020

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