How do you live through a siege?
How do you guard your heart and keep your hope
amid violence, hatred, injustice and fear?
You pray.

Sit still.
Let the sounds of the news
and the voices in your head settle and fade.
Release your fears and desires. Offer them to God.

Sit with the God of love and mercy.
Just sit with God. Sit, and listen.

Listen to God’s passion for life and wholeness,
for justice and healing.

What do you hear from God,
the God who says “Let there be light,”
who says “I will give my life for you,”
who enters the world’s suffering?
What is God saying to you?

It may be silence.
God may be weeping. God may be praying,
radiating blessing for all who are broken,
working wonders, renewing life you cannot see or know.

Open your heart
to let that light and mercy flood in.
to trust that gracious will.

Breathe deeply of that peace,
willing to be light in the darkness…
and go with love and courage
into the day.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

June 2, 2020

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