A funny scene

Here’s a little early Jewish comedy.
Moses says to God,”Show me your ways.”
So God says, “Relax. I’ll be with you.
Moses says, ”Look, if you won’t be with us, just tell me.
I mean that’s our schtick, right? You’re with us, right?”
And God says, “Relax. I will, don’t worry.”
Moses whines even more.
”Yeah, but show me. Let me see your glory.”
God says, “What, are you telling me what to do?
I will be good to whom I will be good.
Now, then. You don’t get to see my face. That’s not in the deal.”
Moses gets to see God’s backside.

Pretty funny, the way we whine,
the way we insist on our own way
even with God.
We’re too busy whining to hear God’s promise
to be with us forever no matter what,
too worked up to notice God here, always.

The irony is that we never actually get to see God’s backside.
God never turns away from us.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

October 15, 2020

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