A psalm of courage

With tears we cry to the Beloved,
        for our hearts are heavy in the night.
Dread blankets us as the darkness;
       but the voice of the Beloved is close.

“The people will pass through a narrow place,
       and fear will seize many like a trap;
they will turn to violence and shame;
       they will seem an invincible army.

But my passion for justice will rise like the sun;
       my mercy will flow like a river.
My Spirit will arise among the gentle
       and my love will bear you up.

You will wield truth instead of a sword,
       and mercy as a shield.
You will not threaten like the weak,
       or lie and blame as those who are afraid.

My spirit of peace will strengthen you,
       and my hope will enlighten your eyes.
My love will give you courage
       and my gentleness, wisdom.

Even in the narrows, the spaciousness
       of my spirit will enlarge within you.
Though the forces of fear may march onward,
       I will give you my peace.

My children, do not fear: I am with you.
       My love will never fail.
Carry my hope in your hearts;
       take courage, and love gladly.”

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

November 2, 2020

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