Giving thanks

A Thanksgiving prayer for those of us
who live in places that were colonized
and taken from native people.
Where I live they are the Wabenaki.
Who are they where you live? Use their name.

O Creator, we give thanks for this land and its fruits,
for the abundant gift of this earth.
We give thanks for the Wabenaki stewards of this land
who have gone before us,
who have blessed this land through the centuries.
We honor their elders, past and present,
and give thanks for their wisdom.
We confess that we have stolen their land,
and pray for restitution, a time of Jubilee.
We ask your blessing for them, for they are our siblings,
with all humans in the world;
and we pray that we may be one family,
sharing one table, one feast of your Creation.
We give thanks for the living beings of this place,
for plants, for the four-legged and the winged ones,
and for the gracious mystery
that you provide all living beings with food.

Bless our feast, that it may be a practice of gratitude and justice,
and that we may faithfully take our rightful place
in the great web of being,
giving and receiving and tending with care
as you created us to do.
We pray for those who are kept from the table,
that justice may be done.
May this feast draw us in
to the Feast of All Creation,
by your grace, and for your delight.
With gratitude we ask your blessing.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

November 26, 2020

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