He began to teach them
         that the Human One
         must undergo great suffering.

                   —Mark 8.31

Not just the one human, but The Human,
all of us, wherefore Peter wanted none of it:
plagues of virus and violence, hate and greed,
the lost mourned, futures mourned and dreaded,
great suffering, great suffering.

This is the Cross—no divine scheme,
but our septic rut,
how wrenched we are,
suffering suffered
and suffering caused,
the haunting claw,
the jaw yet to come,
world’s mess and mangle,
deep well of anguish, deepest wail. This—

this is where the Beloved
joins us,
bears our wounds,
shares our trauma—
                                 and asks us to follow.

So we open our brokenness,
our trembling selves,
to the Loving One,
who enters in,
seeps in the blood,
sleeps in our grave
with an arm around us,
and after time,

oh, after time,
with an arm around us,
                      begins to rise.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

February 24, 2021

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