The Sage

There is a Sage inside you,
an Elder, a Wise One
whose flesh is of the earth,
whose heart is rooted deep in the Divine,
who breathes with the whales and the trees,
who speaks with the saints and hears the Spirit.

There is a Sage in you
whose wisdom is ancient,
whose peace is a mountain,
whose loveliness is the desire of angels,
who is continually grateful, generous and forgiving,
serene amid chaos,
and joyful in all things.

The Sage is most likely to know
your path before you know it,
to claim your beauty
and trust your Belovedness
before you dare.

The Sage is always silent.
To listen to the Sage takes the same silence.
When you listen,
you find yourself,
without knowing,
dancing to the song of the Sage.

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