“My kingdom is not from this world.”
                           —John 18.36

No, I am not the mayor of your little village.
I am not the king of some little nation.

I am love,
in whose service beauty blossoms,

for whose delight the seasons turn,
for whose glory the galaxies dance.

I am the sovereign of your soul, and the whole
human family from beginning to end.

I am the Rule of your heart—though it defy me—
and every human longing.

I am the will to wholeness
that revolts against your greed.

The ache you feel is that you face elsewhere
as your own gravity bows to me.

You will not be One until the rest of you
falls like grains of sand to join the heart, torn,

that already kneels.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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