Bear fruit worthy of repentance.
                           —Luke 3.8

You have been acting selfish and greedy,
taking for yourself what you could have shared,
defending yourself and the balanced pillars of your ego
from those who would think ill of you,
as if it mattered.

You acted fearfully as if you are all alone,
protecting and providing for yourself.
You have been acting as if
you are not the divine one’s beloved,
as if you are not held in strong, wise, tender arms.
Such fear is the root of all evil.

This, then is your repentance:
stop pushing away love.
Stop declining the grace that is yours.

Allowing the light of that sun to come in,
the fruits of that love will grow in you.
Trust that.
Start here: stop pushing away the love.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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