“Put out into the deep water.”
                           —Luke 5.4

The deep is not out there, of course,
but within,
deeper than words and ideas,
deeper than feelings and images,
past murky depths of deeper fears,
wounds submerged and mossy,
in the dark of the utmost terror and joy,
dreams shifting in the half light,
light shining down into the dark mystery,
the unseeable deeps,
the sea-deep silence, dense and still,
where the subterranean seam of blessing
rivers through unnamed hurt,
beyond you, in dark holiness,
where you are pressed in on but perfectly free,
as if the deeper and darker you go the lighter it is,
in the depths that know you, wait for you,
where everything only is—

grace swims, shimmering, always beneath,
seldom visible, always deeper.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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