What if

What if the bread you were eating
split apart― flour here, yeast there,
a puddle of water and a little pile of salt?

What if the stuff in your soup rose up,
the vegetables in little groups,
the broth purifying and purifying itself,
the meat wandering off to find its chicken?

What if your house divided― boards here, tile there,
paint in a place of its own but experiencing
some disagreement among colors,
nails, being metal, forming a loose alliance with the plumbing
but refusing to associate with wood,
the insulation sitting alone in contemplation,
window treatments rolled up and having nothing to do with anyone,
and all the glass stacked up on the lawn, weeping?

What if your legs stayed in bed,
your liver said, “None of that running around for me,”
your arteries said, “That right hand does some nasty things.
We’re not supplying it,”
and all ten fingers posted a Manifesto of Individuals’ Rights
and each formed its own caucus?

What if your thoughts, memories, words and beliefs
had nothing to do with each other?

Yeah, that would be crazy, wouldn’t it,
if we ever got to be like that?

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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