Palm Sunday: A Brief Prayer Service

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Pastor: God be with you.
All: And also with you.
Hosanna. Beloved, Save us!
Hosanna in the highest.

Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the God of Love.
Peace in heaven, and glory in the highest heaven.


GOSPEL: Matthew 21.1-11 … or… Mark 11.1-11 …or… Luke 19.28-40

Beloved, that we may praise Christ in all we do,
grant us mindfulness, O God.
That Jesus may truly be our king,
grant us obedience, God.
That we may be as gentle as Christ,
grant us humility, O God.
That we may turn to you alone to save us,
grant us faith, O God.
Hosanna. Save us! Amen.

NEW TESTAMENT: Philippians 2.5-11

For the gift of Christ, who comes among us as our humble servant,
we give you thanks.
For our lust for power, and for wanting our own way,
forgive us, God.
For our distrust of your grace,
heal our fearful hearts.
For deep trust in the power of resurrection,
give us faith, O God. Amen.

OLD TESTAMENT (Isaiah 50.4-9)

God has called me to reach out to those in need,
            to sustain the weary with good news.
Morning by morning God awakens me
            and calls me to humble awareness.
God has opened my understanding,
            therefore I won’t turn away.
I stand in solidarity with those who suffer,
            I give my heart to those who know injustice.
I will not hide from our cruelty.
            God helps me to enter the suffering of the world.
I will not fear disgrace.
            Therefore I have courage to move forward.
I am not afraid of the world’s taunts.
            I believe only God’s gracious love.
To those who don’t believe this
            I will come near, without fear.
Even to those who would oppose me
            I am not afraid to act in love.



We pray that we may be at peace with Christ, our savior and our ruler.
We pray that we may be at peace with all that is wounded in us.
We pray that we may be at peace with all people, and all Creation.
We pray that we may be at peace with those who oppose us as we resist injustice.
We pray for those in need.
We pray for the work of your Spirit in our own lives.

THE JESUS PRAYER (The “Lord’s Prayer”)



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