The devil said to him,
           “If you are the Son of God,
           command this stone to become a loaf of bread.”
           Jesus answered him, “It is written,
           ‘One does not live by bread alone.’”
                           —Luke 4.3-4

So much we are hungry for that does not feed us.
So many stones we wish we could turn to bread.

Call them to mind. Hold these stones in your hand,
feel their grey mass, their lightless insides,

the weight of disappointment, the hard edges
of refusal, the dense failure to satisfy.

You can’t change them. Cease gnawing on them.
Let them be stones. Set them down.

In the breeze feel the breath of the Present One,
moving among the unmoving stones, light and sweet.

Let yourself be nourished by that wind, freely flowing,
invisible, rich with grace, thick with energy.

Even among the hungering stones the Spirit lives;
even in barren places love offers its merciful bread.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
Unfolding Light

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